Valley Cru Update: April

Ministry Update:

The month of April is always jam-packed with events, keeping our students and staff extremely busy as the semester comes to a close. This month, our staff hosted the fifth annual Fellowship Dinner, and our students hosted the annual semi-formal dance.

The Fellowship Dinner is a time to celebrate what God has done over the past year in Cru and a time to share vision for the upcoming school year with local supporters. According to Jenny Smith, one of our staff members, this dinner “[Is] a chance for the JMU Cru community (pastors, parents, ministry partners, campus faculty/staff, alumni, community members, etc.) to come together to glorify God by sharing stories of what has happened in the lives of college students through Cru.” In addition to celebration, it is also a fundraiser dinner that helps raise money for the goals the staff and students have set for the next year. The staff invites the local JMU Cru community to partner with them as they raise funds to make their vision become a reality for the movement.

This year, they had a JMU Cru Alumni, Lindsey Spurlock come to speak about her time in JMU Cru. People came from all over to hear her speak and it became like an alumni reunion for those who knew Lindsey or were involved with Cru in the past. This, among other things, was a unique and special part of this year’s fellowship dinner.

Lastly, our very own student-led Community Team hosted our annual spring semi-formal. The event took place on campus and was a night of good music, dancing, and food. It is always an event that the whole Cru movement looks forward to, and this year did not disappoint!


Series update:

The spring semester is wrapping up and so is our series on the continuity of the gospel in the Bible. This month, Jerry spoke about the Garden, the Fall, and the Promise. During these talks, Jerry explained how sin affects every aspect of our lives but through Jesus, we are redeemed and able to have a relationship with God. The beginning of the series explained the relationship between Adam and Eve with God before they sinned. The next talk explained the consequences of their sin and how we are separated from God and unworthy of his grace. The final talk was about how God promised Abraham that his descendants would fulfill the promise of a savior to redeem the world and restore the relationship with God.   

The most recent talk featured two of our seniors, Robin and Cassidy. Robin focused her talk on going on global missions and how God’s work isn’t done until we fulfill the Great Commission. Cassidy followed up by reminding us to bring the gospel home and share it with our family and friends, no matter how hard it is to do so.


Our seniors are awesome and we’re so thankful for all the time and effort they put into leading this ministry! Thank you, Class of 2018 and good luck with your next steps! Please enjoy these superlatives nominated by students in JMU Cru and voted on by seniors.

Aaron Bryant: Most likely to never ever wear shoes

Abby Bennsky: Most likely to be one with the Brits

Aby Klansek: Most likely to avoid all responsibilities and lay and bed and eat skittles and claim “I’m getting my life together”

Callie Hughes: Most likely to rock red lipstick

Cassidy Fleming: Most likely to be screaming “Yassss”

Cassidy Limer: Most likely to own 15 dogs

Catie Broyles: Most likely to be a human Rosetta Stone

Christian Okada: Little Drummer Boi

Eli Butters: Most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket

Erin Shively: Sweeter than a chocolate river

Megan Holland: Quietest but sassiest

Jessi Mongold: Most likely to own Disney World

Josh Legge: Most likely to be expert on all Rock Band songs

Julia Hutchens: Most likely to win Survivor

Kalen Bushong: Most likely to be huntin’, fishin’, and lovin’ everyday

Kelsey Terry: Most likely to have a laugh that could also be mistaken for a squeak toy

Kori Mayhugh: Most likely to make you laugh so hard you pee yourself

Lakin Simmons: Most likely to tell Aby Klansek to chill

Lauren Obaugh: Most likely to wear flip flops in snow

Lex Mazczak: Most likely to campaign for women’s rights

Mallie Ziglar: Most likely to brighten up your day

Mary-Kate Mulvaney: Most likely to be loved by every single person she meets

Natalie Wainner: Most likely to bench press more than the rest of the seniors combined

Nick Diaz: Most likely to pick a fight with Jerry

Robin: Most likely to cuss out the ref without cuss words

Sage Wright: Most likely to become a famous musician

Sydney Smith: Most likely to have an awkward story to tell you about her day

Tanner Clark: Most likely to be every freshman girls’ crush

Yasmine Vaughan: Most secretly savage

Zach Mullin: Most likely to be Christian Okada


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